AreaAttack use the AttackStarted and AttackEnded events to capture the attack descriptions after that emit them in correct order. Brentwood Dentist: Fixed trader who was not entering combat.

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Answer use of object pool for AttackRecords to release the objects back en route for the pool. Fixed a small error in James Buntine's bark in Highpool. Gorkinovich's Distillery: Fixed Larry barking a wrong line during a cutscene. Angel Oracle: Fixed bug with dead detainee joining party, made it not accumulate dead hostages in hostage slot.

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Highpool: Wreckers now attack the Rangers but the safe is exploded. Damonta: Red no longer dies if all the robots were hacked. Updated Prison HQ. Fixed "Ending turn" strings to just print one string and use actor's name. Damonta: Wally no longer dies if all the robots were hacked. Rail Nomads Camp: Fixed cursor on bed lockbox. Angel Oracle: Changed Steam Tunnel steam vent damage type. Darwin Village: Jan now tracks whether Rose overheard the Rangers' promise to keep her secret.

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Banister Nomads Camp: Fixed an issue wherein you could exit Katy's train berth during combat. Temple of Titan: Cast-iron camera issue. Griffith Park: Fixed Veronica's portrait. Made Meeting Hall description match scene better. Angel Oracle: Fixed angeschaltet issue wherein the Angel Oracle armory clerk's merchant icon did not act immediately after using the keyword "Special Order". He really should remember his wife's own name

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Rodia: Stopped Dante from getting into the wrong state when you've just revealed the plot against him. Rail Nomads Camp: Radio tower description no longer assumes the Repeater Unit has already been attached. Endgame: Removed plural pronouns from Kekkahbah's dialog. Fixed a account of a barracks in Griffith Park to more closely match level art. Should fix blocking issues. Arizona Ranger Citadel: Fixed navmesh issue. User Interface Fixed turning fullscreen mode on during conversation corrupting text log layout.

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Banister Nomads Camp: Set is active cursor for H. Rail Nomads Camp: Kekkahbah no longer adds an incorrect Log Book update when he promises en route for give the Rangers the Radio Coupler once the feud is over but gives you the Radio Coupler as soon as. Fixed an issue where random encounters did not occur after receiving a post-death squad radio call. Rodia: Cast-iron Mayor Van Graas being in two places at once in some cases. Damonta: Fixed being able to amble through backer statue. Epilogue now correctly mentions Tori's death if she is murdered after putting her in ability. Made sure she's in the alike combat group as the people she is with. Fixed "Camera Follows Party" option not correctly following characters by the beginning of a new amusement if the option is enabled.


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